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To be honest, I like to think that I’m a magician and I create magic between user needs and client wishes.

I’m highly strategic, detail-oriented and multi-skilled, which gives me a deeper understanding of visual design, user experience and brand design.

This is me.



I think that to truly solve a problem, you need to look at it from every angle. So, I focus on the details and I care about the things that nobody else notices,  because a small mistake can ruin an otherwise great experience.

This is my process.



I love to make things simpler, smarter, more helpful, more beautiful and more fun. To work with people for people.

This is my passion.

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I like tackling situations and problems that I’ve not seen or encountered before. I also have the ability to communicate  ideas, keep an open mind and handle feedback well.

Outside of work, you can find me planning my next travel adventure or learning to play the drums…which is unfortunate for my neighbours.

To my mother’s delight, I have been honoured with a few design, art and advertising awards.

So, what do you think? Does this sound good? 

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