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ene life


Ene Life, healthcare advertisement company which provides a full range of agency service to big pharma companies, was at a crossroads. The company wanted to expand their portfolio and needed to enhance their image to be on the same level as his competition.


After some meetings with the Creative Director, I proposed to define what they stand for as a company, how should that be manifested and communicated to their audience.

Being a healthcare advertising agency they wanted to challenge convention.


A bold new face and message for the company and most importantly a renewed sense of purpose – a new mission. 

This all was brought to life through a new visual identity system and a new website for a wider audience.

«We used a butterfly effect to both highlight our philosophy»

Combining creativity and science

Less is more

For the new website we played around with a long-form, color full and verbose version but the end result was a more minimal approach that got straight to the point.

Combining creativity and science

Telling science
with illustrations

Even for an website as friendly and colorful as this one, screenshots of the user interface can be pretty dull. We developed clean and crisp illustrations  to help bring some well deserved life to them maintaining consistency throughout the site.

«Blending colorfull photos with clean and crisp UI was a challenging but fun problem to solve. The illustrations created a lot of opportunity to make more friendly scientific information»

Combining creativity and science

Friendly & accesible

Why make something complicated when you can make it simple and joyful?

Our website was designed to adapt gracefully to all kinds of screens,
big and small.

For screens of all shapes and sizes

We used a clever parallax to amplifies the 3D effect, and paired with bold, bright, plain backgrounds to tell our story and bring joy to our users.

Combining creativity and science

All round

360n is a space to explore different topics we find relevant, interest or useful.



Brand core

Brand definition

Visual brand identity

Tone & voice

Art direction

New website

Butterfly effect GIF




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